petites rébellions and Pippel

My dog pippel had such a bad week. She got bitten by her cousin canine ‘Klossie’ and seeing that she is ‘n hairless dog, that is not working in her favour. After that, she choked on food and hurt her back pretty sore. She is my best friend on earth and means so much to me.Seeing her go through this broke my heart. Luckily i was super busy with work and i did not have time to spend depressing energy on her, that will not be of any help. I decided this morning to dedicate my post to her. I will speak life over her and not death and give her reasons why she is going to be ok (although she can’t read i will read it to her while i type)

Reasons why Pippel-joe is going to be fine:
/She is only 5 human years which means she is 35 dog years, which means she is only about to get 9years of Botox in dog years (that’s still young)
/If she was human, she would only be going to private school now, which makes her a baby.
/She is my best friend on earth and the only earthly creature here that gives me utter 24/7 joy
/She looks so trendy with no hair on her body and it will be such a shame if she would not be able to show off her pretty grey skin.
/God created and formed her and will heal her completely seeing that He is the ultimate doctor.

/She is my love. I love you Pip. Get well soon.


  1. all the best to pip! lots of love!
    buttercup buttons

  2. jou prentjies is eXquiSite!!!! x
    baie liefde vir Pippel :(


  3. Anonymous7:44 PM

    & you're making me want a doggy!!

    <3 jadeandwillow

    check it:

  4. than you so much :) get a dog they make your life so amazing!!!


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