Beauté de l'innocence

This morning I the thought just reoccurred to me of the beauty there is in true unpretentious natural innocence. I think society have bombarded us with the ideal of making minds grimy in order to regain some sort of self worth. But in my idea I think innocence is the key to self worth, not naivety in all, but cleanliness of thoughts. 
I always think of the beauty of children and although they can be stout little gatte (real mischievous) there is a true innocence in them that concerns pure thinking. I always feel motivated by the fact that, that innocence will never be out of reach for us and it goes hand in hand with what the mind is being filled with.Although we fail from time to time there is always hope. Fill it with truth, love and goodness and that becomes the thinking and the thinking becomes the doing. It just needs a little practice. 
I see it as going to the gym, the more time you spend in that atmosphere and doing the exercise, the more muscle you gain... the more time I spend thinking on goodness and filling my thoughts with truth, the easier it becomes living it.

Faith like children and minds set on things above that equal goodness...
May you be filled with joy today.


  1. whenever I feel a bit sad or need an inpiration I'm looking at your blog...

    Karolina B-H

  2. your blog has such a calm, beautiful, feminine feel to it. really lovely to read!

  3. it really might sound cliche but it is so inspiring to hear feedback like this all honour though not to me but to Him. Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me.

    Lots of love nadja

  4. Truth is beautiful.

    Pic # 6 - My laat dink aan die chinese dude in my klas wat my leer sterretjies vou het. Daai sterretjies is awesome!!

  5. Ek weet ek LOVE DAAI sterre jy sal vir hom vra om maar 'n video vir ons rookies te post hoe om dit te maak :) dis 'n pretty awesome party trick daai nommertjie x


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