I wish I could travel on the sea. Idealistic I know, but to experience that fairy tale story would be grand.

If i could have my way, the travel on the sea should only last until i get sick ...mentally and physically. Immediately an aeroplane would come to pick me up with a seat for both me and my dog. On the ship there should be no laptops or Internet. Only my family, my dog and a Sushi chef. I need to have an invisible room with no connection to time so that I could disappear when I felt I needed space without anyone noticing or realizing that I would be gone.

When i disappeared i would be able to breathe underwater and go to my house underwater and watch the fish and be able to speak to them. My hair would stay dry and there would be no need to wash it when i decided to board the ship again.

If i could travel the sea i would have super powers and would be able to fly. Although an aeroplane would be my preference, if i needed to go back home.

If i got back home no one would have notice i was gone and it might have only been a dream.
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  1. Exquisite exquisite EXQUISITE!!!!!!!!!
    Daardie fodies van jou is breathttakingly wow!!!!!!

  2. ag dankie Viv my sweetie pie :) dis daai awesome Paula se art work :) sy mag maar fotos neem

  3. i really love the shot of the fishermen. It look so real and powerful - beautiful! xx

  4. Haar werk is exquisite!!!
    Raak net beter xXx


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