Here’s a rundown of what is happening in the imaginary world of Nadja. I have been doing make-up for shoots everyday now for weeks and it is the most rewarding fixation that gives you complete satisfaction. All along i know i get bored with just one endeavour so i took on pottery classes too. My mom and I, now enjoy Tuesday evenings around the clay pots and as ‘ou tannie’ as it might sound it is so relaxing and therapeutic that i cannot get enough of it...

The Pippel saga is going well; i have been commissioned Nurse Nadja and give her, her insulin injections every morning and evening. It is not her favourite thing ever, but we have turned it around in game. Every morning when i prepare her food, i would show her the enclosed needle just to tell her what is coming then she goes and sits on our ‘injection cushion’, i inject the insulin and then close up the needle, showing it to her and with such an attitude (like only she can have) she gives a growl towards the needle as to say: ‘ i really don’t like you, but i know i need you’. Then she gets her food and forgets about any painful initiative.

I will be doing international and regional postings for my vintage collection: Vintage Vices. What that means, basically is that anyone around the world will be able to purchase the vintage clothing and will receive it via the post now, i will set up a catalogue that anyone can receive that have interest in buying vintage. So just a week breather for me and i will put attention to that.

Ok all paix d'amour


  1. Great inspiration!

    Start dreaming on www.dreamingthedayawaywithluca.blogspot.com

  2. So so so addicted aan jou segoed/skryfgoed/prentjies/blog ^_^ Beaula, dankie!
    Ek het 4 weke gelede met fotografie klasse begin, my Woensdag aand breakaway, love dit so baie!!!

    much love & blessings! x

  3. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Love this mix of photoz, who is that girl with the dark hair w/ bangs??


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