It is one of my good friends birthday today and the thought just reoccurred to me how people are placed in our lives as a blessing. These days civilization is driven into an egocentric state where it is all about self gratification and pleasure. We become isolated from the bigger picture, in knowing these are passing things... in contrast to self it is more about self sacrifice. I can easily give money to ease my conscience but when do i actually sacrifice my own pleasure and comfort. 
That is where my friends come in, they put me in practice when i still struggle to let my thoughts deviate away from my desires, and make it easy to put my needs aside. It comes out of habit and joy to sacrifice your own needs and not out of obligation. Peculiar phenomena it is. 
The Joy of these creatures called friends.
Happy birthday Valeska


  1. beautiful picture. so inspiration <33

  2. breathtakingly beautiful. your blog makes me want to dance barefoot in the rain and eat chocolate ice-cream. idyllic.


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