in die see

This morning i heard the most amazing story on the radio. It was about the fishermen in Lambertsbaai in the Western Cape. Two fishermen spoke about their life and how they were actually living a struggling life as fishermen with big companies buying the fish for next to nothing from them and then selling it for so much money in the rest of the country. The fishermen had voices that sounded exactly like i would imagine fishermen sounding ... oldish, crackling, real and oh so wholesome in a way. 
I felt so sorry for them knowing how everything was managed by a system in the world that is not fair. Money is so many times the reason for the innocent to be mistreated. Then i thought about their character, and how rich they were as people, they had stories to tell that i would listen to for hours and had lives that lived for more than just sports cars and fancy clothes. How empty the love of money is in contrast to the rich gift of life we have in living rich lives by loving others, sacrificing of yourself for someone...sometimes that is the better end of the deal in the long run.

Alle grappies op 'n stokkie. I suck at fishing though.


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