peace in the fire

Last night we were shooting a music video in a primary school hall, when 5 guys came in with guns, closing the doors behind them. My Glorious God saved all our lives and kept us safe throughout the whole chronicle. We were told to fall on the ground (5 of us) with our faces to the ground while they took literally hundreds of thousands Rand worth of equipment and cars. They tied our hands behind our backs and asked random questions. I started praying and immediately a peace that surpasses all understanding filled me and a great sort of boldness took over. I know it is the regenerated spirit that had taken control, nothing that came from me, and i just kept my eyes closed while praying. The thought of death occurred and i had tremendous peace in knowing that whatever would happen, Christ would be in control and oh boy He was.
They left and i just remember them saying: ‘you are innocent you don’t deserve to die’. I don’t think they have the ultimate say in death though. The police man i was talking to told me that i was way too calm and that the shock would still kick in... i beg to differ. Shock never came, only a sort of thankfulness and compassion, which is definitely not of me. I slept like a baby and have no anger towards those guys, but wish for them to have a better life. Because a life that involves constant fear is no life at all.

All I know is that He never leaves us and gives peace in all difficult circumstances. It does not mean that we will not face uncomfortable situations, but we can rest in the fact that God fills us with peace in the fire.
No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper


  1. Wow!! Did this really happen to you? I am a Chrstian and this testimony really encouraged me and inspired me to share my testimonies that Christ has done for me. This is the perfect story to share with the world and even believers! God bless you and may he bless you, protect you, and enlighten you even more!


  2. BTW, love love love your inspirational photos :)

  3. thanx lula and beatrice! Yes Beatrice it happened last night, but i promise you i felt so super chilled its actually amazing :)x

  4. Sjoe Nadja!!!!!!!!!
    Wow Koning Jesus DANKIE!!!!!!!!! Al die eer aan U.
    Soortgelyke getuienis in week gehoor van vroutjie wat naby Hartebees gekaap is, hoe sy net bly bid het & Jesus haar ongedeerd daar laat uitkom het & vrede gegee het wat haar verstand te bowe gegaan het.
    So hoendervleis nou x Jy is so volwasse in Jesus & weereens net so 'n inspirasie - geestelik & kreatief.

    Baie Liefde & Oneindige Blessings
    vivi x

  5. Bly jy is veilig. Waar het dit gebeur?

  6. Ag dankie Viv! Jy is darem a cute kind jy!! Ag ek kan net glad nie eer vat vir iets nie honestly ek weet dit klink lame maar rerig :) Liezl ek het saam die oulikste mense video geshoot vir Not my Dog ek moes die 'chick' ha ha in die video gewees het en ons het by a skool se saal dit gedoen toe ons so rus gevat het, toe kom vyf mans met guns in en vat die ouens se goed en hul karre en en en shame hul het tonne goed gevat ek is super jammer oor dit en bind ons hande toe vas maar darem is almal ok so thank goodness for that

  7. such an amazing testimony
    thats such a terrifying thing, but God protects us and gives us peace
    so amazing


  8. Wow! So hectic but so good that you shared this. People must know!

  9. Woah. My hart het gebreek toe my ma vertel. Ek's super bly jy's fine!
    Die Almighty Power is beautiful!

  10. wow thank goodness everybody is safe! beautiful sentiment in your words.
    ♡, Rosa T.

  11. thank you so much for the sincere care

  12. How amazing! It's really nice to find someone so sold-out to God's truth. :)

    You have a beautiful blog; I'm definitely following.

  13. you're an inspiration to all of us :)

  14. oH my gosh that sounds really terrible. i hope your ok.
    Flower ^___^

  15. Wow what an amazing power of Gods love!! I'm so glad you and everyone are safe! You're such an inspiration and Gods touches so many people's lives through you.
    So glad you're safe. :)

  16. ahh wow what inspiration to hear this i am so glad to have gone through this then to be able to witness of God's power and just so that everyone might know that His grace is sufficient and that when we go through anything terrifying He NEVER EVER leaves and Gives so much hope and peace. All honor to Him x

  17. good never leaves his children..
    specially in times of need,
    glad everyone was safe.. ^^,

  18. Hi there, thanks for the beautiful posts! Can you please tell me where you found the pictures you used in this post? Especially photos 2, 4, 7, 8, 10 and 11 (this is when you take the first two images as 1 picture) :-)

  19. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with me. It takes alot to say calm in the face of fear and to keep your beliefs. This was quite an experience and the fact that you've come out of it with such peace leaves me in awe.



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