pip and flowers

I had to give some report back on the Pippel JOE saga due to popular demand. She always knows how to steal the show. She is doing great since we heard she is Diabetic and it is as if she has a totally new life with so much more energy. She gets her insulin twice a day and does not seem to complain so much anymore. 
Plus she is getting a little Chinese crested sister in two weeks! I will post lots of photos. The sister will be called Ouma ... so ouma will be coming soon.

Pip is back to her old self and loving the camera as usual. This morning she looked so cuddly even if she doesn’t have any hair.
Here’s miss model Pippel-Joe Seale who seems to love flowers.Pip in sensitive-deep-thinker mode:


  1. Lovely Pics!

    XOXO from Germany

  2. thanx Brina:) good model i had

  3. ooooooooo, hierdie is absolutely adorable jong!!!!
    te pragtig x bly dit gaan goed met jou woef x

    <3 vivi


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