Chinese calender

I am so excited i will be doing a fashion diary this week for Vogue girl, Korea. Where i need to take photos for a week, showcasing my outfits for each day. I need to come up with a country that i would like to visit and build my theme around it. Being very privileged I have travel quite a bit and would maybe pick a place in Africa that i have not yet travelled to. It also gives me a chance to research our lovely continent.

I can’t wait for tomorrow, i will be receiving my New Chinese crested puppy called ‘ouma’... Talking about Chinese...July will be filled with it, as i will be going to China on the 28th! I think it is going to be a tremendous experiencing learning about the different culture! So thankful.

Anyhoo, have a great week  here's some pics that made me happy


  1. love ur blog!

  2. Wow lady! Have an amazing trip! So blessed!

  3. I just came across a picture of you on lookbook and I was mesmerized! I want to congratulate the photographer can see the beauty in all aspects!
    You're beautiful! I have already put your blog on my blogholl of my page.
    You inspired me too! Receive your visit in my blog will fill me with pride for having your return. You have amazing potential as a blogger. It is an honor for me to share your beautiful posts.
    Kisses ~.~ your new fan from Brazil!
    Flávia Cruz

  4. wonderful shoot


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