Interview Mr. Beach

I watched a documentary a while back calledWalking on water and it really touched me tremendously. I realized how awesomely spiritual surfing must be and how the ocean is this liquid personification of Christ tremendous power and control. I had the privilege to ask professional surfer and TV host Matt Beacham, a few questions:

So Mr. Beach/am tell us now:

What does your name mean?  "Matthew is Hebrew for “gift of God”."

Surfing is said to be a spiritual  "I think surfers have almost an unfair view of the world.  We have seen the most beautiful sunrises, sunsets, islands, beaches, and movements of the sea.  In that way, I think it prompts a lot of surfers to search out the origin of all this beauty. So being a surfer could be catalyst for finding God for sure."

What’s the most amazing sea creature that you have seen with your own eyes?  

"I was surfing Washington state one time...  I was paddling out to this one peak, and there was a whale lying in the wave.  He was literally letting the wave break on him.  So I just hung out for a while on the side and waited for him to move... Then I started catching waves right where he had been.  It was awesome."

A day in the life of Matt looks like: "I really have no routine...  These days I’m rehabbing an injury, so it looks different than other times.  When I’m healthy, and its a day off,  I usually go for a mid morning surf, maybe 3 hours of it, then run a few errands and figure out if there is anything fun to do... you know"

Pick one
Introvert or extrovert:  I’m an introvert with an extroverted switch that I can flip
Afro or dreads:  Afro
Sushi or steak:  Steak
Dancing or laughing at someone dancing:  Laughing, but wishing I could Dance
White or beige:  Beige on most occasions
Forest or garden:  Forest
Lastly what’s your view on Humility?  
"When someone is truly humble, it is the most amazing quality to see.  That person will get so much farther in this life and with so much more grace than someone who is really bound up with pride.  Humility opens doors, in my opinion, and gives you a peace about where you are at.  It is always refreshing to experience it in someone.  It’s straight from God."

Thank you mr. Beacham for taking a minute outa da sea, it was truly inspiring getting to know the face behind the board!
adios muchacho...

Awesome photographer for matt's pics number 1/2/3 Andrew Arthur
Matt Beacham's lekker site   


  1. Anonymous6:04 PM

    AMAZING photographs, so dark fairytale like ;)

  2. yes now thats a pretty cool description miss :)