Life perceptions

Well i received my puppy the other day and she is absolute bliss. I actually find it so amusing when people see her. From far, she looks like a little wrinkled pup but when approached closer they realize that she has no hair and don’t really know how to handle the unknown creature... my entertainment for the day of course.
Now i have been going on about what ‘life’ is since i started my blog two years ago and have maybe been less cliché philosophical about it and more about really experiencing it lately. This is my opinion and experience:

It’s not something that you can figure out but realize in a brief moment (does that even make sense)
It is not so much in physical elements but more connected to an ongoing growth.
It isolation at times and fellowship when needed. Its happy and then sad. contrast
It’s not caring so much about material things (i struggle with that)
Its love, it’s the elements of God all in all and His creation..
It’s grasping elements of the Word.
Ongoing life? It’s God for me.
picture credits brittany fabry and johanna wallin


  1. beaula x <3 blessings dame x

  2. aah what blissful photos you've posted! So dreamy and heart warming. Enjoy your puppy! He wont be a puppy for long sadly - what gorgeous little lumps they are!

  3. Anonymous9:54 AM

    he he thanx lucy you are a sweetheart xx
    dankie viv ook ,hoop dit gaan baie goed:)

  4. Oh nature :). Isn't it lovely!!

  5. nice pics with style ! i'm following u

    have a look at mine and follow me back :))

  6. your posts always make me smile. Thanks.

  7. these are amazing photos ♡, Rosa T.

  8. i saw your photos on lookbook nu. you should put them here as well. you have great make up sills.

  9. amazing english! he he .love your blog.its so warm and welcoming,ur very pretty ^-^