I remember i watched a movie a few months ago about a guy that’s life was pretty messed up and when he got hold of this pill everything changed. He was clear in everything that he did and went from strength to strength. What struck me was how nothing of his circumstances on the outside changed but the way that he perceived life had changed.  It was all in the new function of his brain. Perception is a very powerful thing and altered by the brain. I see the human as made up of heart/spirit, then soul which is the Mind, will, conscience and emotion part and then body that consists of our senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch).

In my life i know it is my heart and/or spirit that i need to feed with Word in order to change the soul in order to alter the perception and body. On the other hand you need to make use of your body senses in order to feed/ practice the spirit in order for Christ to change the soul. Complicated but yet so simple. He is the hope of glory in me. For me it all comes down to enjoying Him and feeding my spirit with Him which is His Word.

au revoir


  1. i love that 4th picture ♡, Rosa T.

  2. Woow what a wonderful post! : ) Third and sixth pics are my favorites!

  3. amazing i feel so peaceful and fresh reading and looking at the photos of your blog! LOVELY!

  4. amazing inspirations !

    your newest follower Michelle


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