Lyrics from Keith Green
Make my life a prayer to You,
I want to do what you want me to,
No empty words and no white lies,
No token prayers, no compromise,
I want to shine the light you gave,
Through Your Son, you sent to save us,
From ourselves and our despair,
It comforts me to know you're really there.
Oh, I want to thank you now,
For being patient with me,
Oh, it's so hard to see,When my eyes are on me,
I guess I'll have to trust,and just believe what you say..


  1. suummmer!!! love the last one <3

  2. Such beautiful pictures! ♥

  3. These pictures are just Awesome !

  4. so lovely posts!
    you have a new follower dear!!

  5. I have been following your lookbook for so long. In fact, I believe you were the first person I ever "fanned" on lookbook and I recently discovered your blog and love it even more than your lookbook. I admire your words and your collection of photos so much.

    please keep sharing. :)

  6. Oh wow Meredith it is so inspiring hearing that, thank you so much wow!!


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