I have to say i was so ecstatic and overjoyed when i got my Vogue girl in the mail today. I had been privileged enough to be featured in the July issue of Vogue girl Korea along with some of the world’s top bloggers and fashion girls. I was asked to choose a holiday destination, and i had to pick Namibia, i love the contrast between sea and desolate. I was so lucky to have Quamta accessories in the one photo. I can say without a doubt that they have the most exquisite leather goods that i have ever laid my hands on. The photographer was Paula from paulabphotography that is one of the most amazing photographers i know, it is always pure bliss to work with such a creative genius!
Have a great week! 


  1. This is incredible! Congrats.

  2. beautiful! congrats
    ♡, Rosa T.

  3. thank you so much eric and Rosa! Eric, you are an AMAZIIIING photographer by the way WOW!

  4. I'm in Korea now and would love to see a Pretorian face in a Korean magazine. Do tell when the issue will be on the shelves so I can pick one up and see remnants of beautiful Jakarandastad and it's people alike! ~~,

  5. AHHHH COOL KEKE!! so nice to meet you :) it is the July issue :) we should meet up when you come back to Pretoria!! x


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