Well today is Spring day in South Africa and although i can go typical hackneyed and corny (which i might end up doing) i would like to stay cool, seeing that it is spring. See, not even halfway and already on the track of my lame jokes.
I sometimes see nature as a personification of life (although fallen life too,but still life), It comforts me to know that the same seasons that nature needs to go through we also do. Take the characteristic of a tree.  If you look at the meaning of ‘Deciduous’ it means "falling off at maturity" or "tending to fall off. 
Deciduous has a similar meaning when referring to animal parts, such as deciduous antlers in deer, or deciduous teeth, also known as baby teeth, in some mammals (including human children).
I think of that meaning in life. We need certain aspects in our life, if its people, habits etc and God in His sovereignty allows it in our lives, even the people or things we might have viewed on a negative side, builds us into maturity until it is no longer needed and will almost harm us if we decide to cling to it. Then we shed ... deciduous. Its so precious. Just when we think we are mature we drop something to go to a new season and a new level in life. Always building us into maturity. Just when the tree looks like it is completely withered and dead....spring shows up. The Deer’s need to shed antlers each season and little ones keep their antlers longer than the mature Deer, but as soon as they are shed new ones start growing back almost immediately... and continues each season depending on the amount of calcium they have that comes from their ribs. So for me it is as if maturity in life is such an ongoing thing. It never stops. It needs seasons it needs shedding. Sometimes it is Uber scary and you want to cling to your old antlers but they shed along the way. It needs a source to feed from to give life. It sometimes brings you to the brink of death, and then life comes through. Light and Truth that no darkness can withhold bringing new life. Always.


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