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I am so excited this weekend it is the good food and wine show, My chef friend (lee) and I, would be going to see alimento gastronomic.

I know it is bad style as a chef to like celebrity chefs. So to be trendy in chef world i am really not going for any chef-land celebrities (pffft). Nice, brownie points!

My companion: Chef Charlaine lee have been a great friend to me since Chef School. My favourite memory would have to be this story:

It was this awesome summer day in October and a very special day for me. It was my birthday. Now being a self proclaimed brat, i like to make a fuss about a birthday and might put some pressure on anyone and everyone in direct (or in-direct) contact, to do the same thing. Now to keep the situation humble that year, i had to work in a less than perfect catering company with Chef lee. It might sound chic to work in a catering company, but this (in my eyes) was a bit like the ‘Slumdogs of catering companies’ ( i might be over exaggerating, but keep in mind i was perceiving it on the day of my birthday).
No one cared for a birthday in ‘Mr.rural kitchen/ catering company’ that supposedly was five star. You only cared for the job of the day. People were only considered weird objects that might get in your way of peeling the carrot in the correct way for the hundreds of guests that would arrive on the evening. The cheek i thought, who would want to attend an amazing awesome event with great food (that i would help prepare, might i add), when they knew it was miss’ brats birthday aka me.

So no-one even noticed my morbid look and no-one even cared (woe is me)... but... one chef... chef LEE MY HERO. She called me in the bathroom and said i had to look at something...in the bathroom...nice. Irritated, i went.... i saw birthday sparkles everywhere and a small gourmet cake on the ground that she took from the freezer for me! 
We sat on the ground with toilette flushes in the background echoing the sound of water while clinging forks were devouring half frozen Tiramisu cake. Me and chef on the ground eating the best frozen cake in the whole wide world! 
What a great birthday! 
all photo credits amazing photographer anka-zhuravleva


  1. Anonymous4:33 AM

    That is so sweet - and a fun way to celebrate your birthday!
    Much love,

  2. Thats so funny and sounds like a great day! YAY Chef Lee


  3. Yesterday I watched the amazing movie 'The Tree of Life' and it SO reminded me of your blog and the type of pictures you post :)

  4. wow that tiramasu must have tasted yum,lol.those images are stunning!!!! ooh could yo please check out my blog?I look your looks on lookbook and your blog also : D

  5. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Wicked photos.

  6. those photos are so insanely beautiful! woww :)


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