I use to always look at creation in this superficial way of how God created the earth in the number of days and then the earth came into being. This is true but so limited to the amount of light and life which is the reality of it.

The whole creation is also symbolic to our spiritual life, reflecting Revelation so crystal clear. When the darkness was separated from the light, that was when we first came to the Light- the reality, the I AM. When the heavens were separated from the water, that is when we started separating evil and goodness. Water is mostly associated with death on the negative side and cleansing on the positive side. Then the sea got separated from the land, it is the resurrection. He passed through death and conquered it fully in reality and in our life. Plant life is the lowest form of growth. You get the grass, then the herbs, plants that produce seeds and trees (also fruit bearing trees), likewise in the spiritual life, you pass through all these stages to reach levels of maturity. It is something you can Never graduate from but constantly need to pursue because we still have our fallen bodies that make us sin, even after being brought into light. That will someday end. No person can say while on earth that there is no sin in him anymore, as long as we have our fallen bodies we still have sin, but praise God for Christ’s redemption cleansing us daily. The lights that were then created on the fourth day (sun, moon and stars) were a more compressed light that we need in order to grow. They represent Christ as the sun, the moon as the church reflecting the sun which is Christ and the stars as the conquering people we learn from, even if you are still a baby (like me) they are helpful as mentors and they help you to reach ‘fish life’. The fish are able to swim in the sea, so we should be able to survive in difficult circumstances and be able to breathe. The birds come next and they are able to fly in the air, representing how we should soar in life. You also get the cattle, animals able to work and wear a ‘yoke’, so we should allow Life in us to carry the burden through us for others. But it should come from within not from yourself or else it is just a good work from the tree ok knowledge of good of evil which ends up in death.  Then you get the lion which is the mighty warrior, likewise in our spiritual life we should allow Christ to be the warrior for us. And lastly Adam/ Man which is the God-man fully expressed through us. That is the ultimate level of spiritual maturity.... geesh i sometimes feel i have such a long way to go... and pretty much fail all the time but then i know that the more we expose ourselves to the truth, the bigger the love becomes for life through Life itself.

Hope some of this made sense. I think i am not even a little grass yet... but oh there’s hope!
Adios amigos 


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    ek weet nie of ek strooi praat en of iemand kan relate...

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  3. Sjoe Nads xx Dankie vir hierdie post x baie liefde!!! x

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    Is it a brand or something ?


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