I have been very neglectful in supplying some visualic ( i just invented that word by the way) endorphins and writing because of the hair and make-ups i needed to do for the brides these past few weeks. I always like brides because they challenge me so much more than models. In the case of models you get to do what you want styling wise but with real people you have to do a quick characteristic case study and take in consideration the five letter word TASTE.

I think that might be the reason why i decided to stop working with so many magazines. I got bored.
Bored with stereotype. That is relative to say i know because most practiced things might become stereotype or even monotonous after a short time. Ok i guess the point is just to stimulate your brain and even environment constantly with things that causes growth or need for growth. Initially it is somewhat of a practice and then it becomes the habit. Growth is linked to light too, personally for me. For me there is only one constant Light of Reality that will never be monotonous and always challenge me in all aspects of my life.That fills all in all and by which all things were created. The Reality which is the Truth. 
Hope there is some sense here. Have a great week


  1. I love the pictures! They are so adorable!

  2. Jy moet nou net daai tattoo met die voeltjies kry, en klaar kry ;)

  3. The Text is adoreable and the pictures, too!

  4. truly gorgeous pictures.

  5. haha rita! ek dink ook so!!

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  7. WoW I love these photos


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