Tell me yours...

I am so happy to be able to write again.

I know it is no excuse, but i have been rather busy with some great work and new projects. So it is getting closer to Christmas and even if you do not celebrate Christmas, no one can avoid the awesome feeling that is in the air. I remember one year i took it upon myself to decorate the Christmas tree.
I had all the equipment ready and felt that i would be UBER creative and make star shaped cookies and put it on the tree. It took me hours to bake those cookies and fill up the whole tree.I stood back and admired what looked like a three or ‘tree’ dimensional piece of art. My work was done and i went to bed. The next morning the whole tree was gone, cookies and all. Had Santa gone overboard in not only taking my cookies but the tree as well (take in consideration i was 9 years old)? I looked everywhere.  The mystery had to be solved and being a wannabe TIN TIN since a young age, i needed my companion dog ‘snowy’ to help with this mission!

Snowy was gone. Although my Snowy was called Purdey and a girl, i could not find her anywhere. Eventually after hours of looking for her i found here in the guest room of the house, sound asleep on top of the Christmas tree with cookie crumbles all over her mouth. I couldn’t get it over my heart to be angry, as the picture was cinematic. So my Santa that year traded the red coat and long beard for a furry dog outfit.

Don’t put cookies on the Christmas tree!

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  1. You've got a cool blog:)

  2. My Christmas tree is like cat crack. My cat tries to eat my tree. Every year.

  3. I love your photos!!!