Win $80 CLothing at romwe this week

I absolutely love awesome clothing companies and Romwe (one of my favourites) is giving away 2 Vouchers for Two lucky subscribers from my blog.... just write why should win... oh yehh

Numba 1..... Sign up at Romwe
Numba 2..... write a comment with your mail address and name under  this Pos(the same name and address you signed up at Romwe )

Easy as pie
Winners will be chosen this week

Free people lookbook.
Do not forget to include you email address so that i can mail to let you know if you are a winner :)


  1. I should win because I'm a poor student and I don't have a lot of money to spend on clothes! :D And of couse I am loving clothes like most of the girls :)

    Patrizia Seibert

  2. Dianne Dequina


  3. Wow! I love Romwe-shop<3!
    I should win because I am super slim girl, who don`t find good clothes for right size. Romwe is one of my favourite shop and there are lot`s of good clothes for me and just right size!

    Name: Iris Haapanen

    Have a lovely day!

  4. I am a fan of your blog and Romwe too!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  5. Hey! :)

    I should win because my girlfriend is a Romwe lover and she loves to promote (and share) style and sense of fashion on her account ; a romwe voucher is exactly what I need to spread her love of clothes (she costs me dear!!! ;) ). If I win, be sure we'll make good use of it!


    Name : Frederic Khazani
    E-mail :
    Her lookbook's :

  6. Wow :) Awesome Giveaway!
    I ever wanted to order something from Romwe but never had the money. I also tryed to join via fashion blogger to work with romwe but i didn't had so much fans. It would be great if I could win :) I would show the great clothes on my Lookbook.

    Name: Gizem Tokay

    Best Regards.

  7. This giweaway sounds good! I'm sure I would find use for a gift card to Romwe..

  8. I'd love to win because the shipping at Romwe is free, and it saves me a trip to London for the sales!

  9. My name is Toreysa Hilbert, I signed up to Romwe with as my email address. I think I should win one of those cards because some new, stylish clothing items would really help foster my new online presences on LookBook (I started yesterday) and I LOVE fashion and want to show my style to the world! Thank you so much! (:

    Love, Toreysa.

  10. thanx everyone for entering the winner will be chosen in this week :) much love Nadja xxx

  11. omg ammmazing clothes!

  12. Lovely giveaway! I love both romwe & your blog :)
    My email is:

    <3 Shawna

  13. love ur style!
    i follow you!
    hugs from BARCELONA

  14. yay!! beauty!
    awesome clothes!
    liefdevol van suid afrika
    sarajay kinnear

  15. YAY! YAY! en weereens YAY! Ek dink dis meant to be... Ek was beplan om die collars by hul te koop. Sweet.
    Janine van Schoor

    *hoop dit gaan goed Nadia!

  16. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Wow julle veral die AFRIKA kids! ek is sooo excited vir die giveaway . Even if you dont win with this giveaway i will post weekly giveaways from my VINTAGE COLLECTION VINTAGE VICES TOO!! Mondays will officially be the competition days :)

  17. romwe..great give away..

  18. Funmilayo I.

  19. Thank you for this opportunity! I'm looking to find a great winter jacket as a christmas gift for my mother and Romwe has alot of awesome options. I've put aside a good sum of money already, but this giveaway would help so much!!

    What does your tattoo say on your wrist?

  20. i'd love to win , i adore the jumpers romwe has, not to mention the shoes and dresses!! i'd be buying everything there!

  21. Julia
    ; )

  22. I LOVE ROMWE, always stalking their website. Items are rather affordable, problem comes in with shipping costs. I should win because I can't afford shipping costs :) and I would love to feature Romwe items on my blog.


  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. i just know one south african word: ZEF
    nothin more to say

  25. Anonymous5:33 AM

    ha ha ha NICE you know a very important word there :)

    they competition ends in a few days not this weekend but next week so still time x

  26. Life is beautiful, and is even more beautiful when self-expression can occur. My media of expression is paint and clothes. Money to use toward either art would be a blessing, and would make life that much more beautiful.

  27. I love your blog!I follow you from Spain! :)

  28. I just love Romwe clothes and I don't know where to find it!
    I work in a fashion retail store as a stylist to the clients, but i find it hard to always look interesting and stylish - all the clothes look the same!!

    I promise to cherish, adore and strut my Romwe everywhere I go! ;)

    Anname Lotz

  29. I love romwe and your blog. I am really needing some warm winter coast to keep me warm :)

  30. I should win because I'm a vintage fairy! ^tee-hee^

    There are so many dreamy, lacey, pretty little things on Romwe. j'adore!

    hugs x fairy kisses
    Rodellee B

  31. Automatic follow xx


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