Conte de Noël

Hay everyone,

Thank you so much for the great emails on your Christmas story. The winner is Amanda from Port Orange Florida. I thought her story was so sweet. She will receive her Dress in the post soon:
she wrote:
It was Christmas eve night and I was a little too excited too wait to find out what my presents are. I was only 7 at the time. I started rattling around the presents with "Amanda" on them. I really wanted a Rugrats coloring shirt, but I couldn't figure out if Santa got me one or  I made sure I knew where every present of mine was so I could run and get them on Christmas morning with out hesitation. I wanted to so badly know what I got, but my mom said to leave them alone. My mother made Hot coco and told us to head off to bed, so Santa could put more presents under the tree. I went to sleep as fast as I could.
The next morning, I woke up at 6am, I was so excited it was Christmas. I remember I was going to run and open my presents, but my mother wasn't up. She always told us to open the presents together, so I jump on her bed and woke her. Also, I woke my two sisters.  I was vigorously jumping around and then my mom said "go open your presents". I ran so fast too the Christmas tree and that's when I saw the Rugrats Coloring shirt I wanted. That's the first thing I picked up and ran to the living room. All I remember saying was "Santa came, Santa came" and my mother told me "yes he did". I was so happy and that's how I believed that Christmas was the best time of the year for caring for one another. Even though now, my mom told me she put that present there when I was old enough. I still love the Holiday atmosphere and sharing gifts with the ones I love. 


  1. Thank you so much! :)

  2. pleasure my dear :)

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    lovely lovely photos!!

  4. such a sweet story and lovely pics!

  5. love these images!

  6. love you blog! fan ;*

  7. Hello gorgeous , i love your original style

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  8. all of these photos have such a great mood. kinda relaxes you a bit just looking at them!


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