I love Dior and bicycles too

Hi everyone.

Oh my word i finished work on Saturday and my oh me am i in relaxed mode. I was thinking of doing a bit of an update visually on my blog so that should be soon, when the creative bug bites me. In my world everything is going great. I am doing a real cool interview with a great South African magazine this month (will be out in Feb./March) , so i need to do a bit of a write up for them in this holiday and then all my dogs are happy. Pipple the 'Diabetic-soul' is also great. I cannot believe it is almost a year since we found out! Rascal the new ‘pup’ is naughty as ever and living up to her name. Then the best news for me, i am buying my own Christmas present, being a cute bicycle. Since the beginning of the year i have been on a bike mission and now it is happening i am fetching it this afternoon. So maybe i will be driving less and ‘biking’ more. I truly hope you all will have an amazing festive season ,may you experience the presence of our great Saviour in an extreme way.Sorry if i haven’t gotten back to all your emails, i am slowly working through them and promise (touch wood) to reply to each and everyone.

Much love

Oh here's my song for today ---- click here 


  1. Nadja, u have a very cool blog with great looks and beautiful pictures...
    Its very inspire!!!!

    Welcome to mine:


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