A year is almost gone and i always find it suitable and fitting to do some self-analyzing. You don’t really appreciate growth in your life on a day to day base, bit oh how the picture comes together when you get the ‘view from the top’ and look back over a year. In my own life i can see how my interests have shifted and had become more filled with life. Boy, i am still very far from reaching a sustainable way of maturity but i believe that my Lord Jesus is working in me and i can see it when i look back at this year.

There have come things that i thought to be negative that have given me so much escalation. Just a small example, my dog being a Diabetic-creature. At first i thought that my bundle of joy would not see the next day, but even with that negativity He turned it into something so positive. I learned a seed of responsibility by having to make sure i am on duty every single day at 7am to give her injections and every evening. Somehow it structured something in me. Then a good friend of ours got murdered and how his legacy lives on by what he preached and the seeds that he sowed are growing in so many lives. I thank the Lord for time, and being able to grow in the valued time, into something bigger than we can see.

I thank my Father for sending us His precious Son. I would be lost without my Lord. 


  1. Aai Nadja, jou post is beautiful, het my nou skoon in trane..wat 'n jaar...baie seer maar ook baie blessings die laaste 3 maande x Amper ingesettle in Jozi (hou tans vakansie in Kaap).
    Ek wil regtig jou ontmoet in 2012 x dis op my lysie!
    Mag jy 'n pragtig geseende Kersdag verder he x Jesus liefde & seen.
    Vivi xx

  2. ag my skat jy is so sweet! So bly jy is amper GP KIND :) Ons gaan verseker kuier in 2012!! Sien sommer uit. baie liefde en lekker vakansie hou xx

  3. Jy ook dame!! Lotsa Lovs x :)

  4. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Love your blog.


  5. i like the way u write,i hope one day you can visit my blog x