I have been thinking lately about feelings. Feelings and experiences that lead to expressions. How they can take over your life if not in order with the Spirit. I also thought about how my feelings took over me as a person last year, maybe more for the negative. On the other hand i have been feeling Christ. I have never before in my life experienced Him for real. I have been brought up in the 'church' and around people from '' church' and knew God (apparently), but i could never be satisfied with Jesus. I always had a longing for old ways again. I could never keep the ''holy'' persona. Until i got to learn more about the real truth and how the so called- church had thought us wrong. The idea of having to do a set of rules then you are Ok with God. And not to forget to give a certain amount of money towards a ''good'' cause. That idea was never sustainable to me. Plus i always realized i am not very much of a ''good' person. Because i cant seem to get rid of this darn sin in me.

But then there is Jesus. My sweet Lord. The feeling that i get when i read from His Words and when someone helps me to understand the real meaning of those words. It is so sweet and satisfying. No amount of money or wine or fame could compare with the joy of it. Long term joy too. It is the first time in my life that i experience that. And only then can He be expressed through me. When i am gone. When He is there. When i am nothing and He is everything. Maybe this sounds mental, but bare with me through these experiences.

Whoever is reading this i really hope you could experience the God of peace and hope in reality. I love you also  


  1. haunting yet gorgeous pictures.

  2. love the photos and your beautiful thoughts!!

  3. woooow love ur blog!!
    i follow u!
    hug from Barcelona


    follow each other?

  4. Nadja x Ek vertsaan jou elke woord hierbo, wow!!! Want ek is deur dieselfde emosies en dinge. En is nou op plek waar Jesus so realiteit is, waar ek Hom voel & ervaar & net so liefhet. Thank You Lord for Your Grace & fiving us Your Holy Spirit <3

    Oja, is Rodney Seal jou pa??? :)

    Liefde x Vivi

  5. ag dankie viv vir die awesome comment! hoop dit gaan goed met jou :) ja my pa is Rodney

    baie liefde

  6. Aaah x Ek onyhou jou Pa, hy was al by my male se kerk toe ek nog op skool was, hy is amazing!!! <3
    Gaan goed hier, die jaar het besig afgeskop, maar jy is op my lysie...jong ek het woes verdwaal week terug gps en al dat ek begin huil het :( in Soweto opgeeindig..hiehie

    Liefde & seen
    Vivi x

  7. This is absolutley beautiful, I've had a very similar experience in coming to understand who God really is. It's not about following a strict set of rules, but relying on God's grace and the sacrifice of Christ to set us free from sin and guilt. Thank you for this beautiful post. Much Love, and God bless you!


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