Marie Antoinette: Let them eat cake.

Hi everyone i hope you are doing great!! I will tell you a bit about my ‘doen en late’ (doings). I had this thing in me since the beginning of the year to start baking. I qualified as a chef in 2004 and have been a bit put off from that scene for a while. But lately i began baking cool cupcakes for a market i am at once a month on a Sunday.

But the funny story occurred that left me with a crooked smile. My sister makes fudge and also sells it at an organic market and she had the dazzling idea for me to sell my ‘Gourmet cupcakes’ there. So Friday i had my own little euphoria of what i considered gastronomic excellence. I only used the best vanilla extract and had a great recipe that proved to bring out little engorged bundles of cupcake bliss. Meaning, in normal terms, that the cake was uber moist, and the icing had little black spots to prove my use or misuse of vanilla extract.
Every individual cupcake had a piece of my love invested in them and i was sure it would be sold out once the market connoisseurs had grind their teeth in my master piece ,of what i called marshmallow and fudge cupcakes. So i went enthusiastically and initially it went well. I knew that if they tasted it they would buy. Until..... *drum beat*.... the market owner came. She approached my sister, and not me.  Apparently the cupcakes would be a threat to the other bazillion cupcakes selling there. My goodness my cupcakes had been compared to the ‘other cupcakes’. That is like comparing Cindy Crawford to uhhhhmm.... say lady gaga (looks-wise). I was so devastated and i actually felt a moist piece of water dripping from the side of my eye called a tear.

I went home and felt like a loser. ‘How could my cupcakes not sell at the market’ woe is me (again).  I knew i had my other market the next day (where the people actually knew me). But the only problem was i had soooo much cupcakes left from not being allowed on the ‘other market territory’. I even doubted my little cakes. How could i be so disloyal towards them. So i took what looked like tons of cupcakes to the other market.
The people tasted.... then bought... then tasted then bought in a few hours my gourmet treasures were totally sold out. Ridiculous. Put that in your pyp ‘ou tannie van hazelwood market’  en rook dit.

Ok but back to reality. I had to take a Birdseye-view of the situation. Man i needed to chill out and relax. I laughed at my narrow mindedness and had to take a breather.
So today try and not be too caught up in your own head and relax. Maybe you could see some sort of bigger view in your situation too.  Eat a cupcake! 


  1. great pics! the cupcakes look so delicious! Sorry to hear about the situation you were in :c

  2. HA HA thanx jade it was actually rather funny :) xx

  3. I love these pictures ! <3
    Beautiful blog :)


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