Hi everyone i hope that you are good. Happy New Year. I had a blast myself. Anyway to the point, to those of you new to my blog let me give you some background of myself. I am a chef, make-up artist stylist ... more to follow soon. But i started my blog after my first boyfriend ever broke up with me 3 years ago and i was looking for something sustainable, even bigger that love for a soul mate. After big mess ups in my life numerous failures (that i still experience of course), i came across a way of life that i could , and wanted to keep up, that started changing things that i could not change myself. I started learning about how we were created to enjoy our God. This very God that created us is not condemning or judgmental but beautiful and full of enjoyment.

As a young Christian i always had this picture of how i was not suppose to do this and that and then God would be satisfied with me. The biggest bummer of everything. I ALWAYS FAILED. Even worse so, i am always more ‘naughty’ when told that i can’t do that something. Then some days i would ‘do good’, not partying too much, keeping myself ‘prim and proper’ thinking ,OK now i scored some brownie points, then straight after that i fail big time and then think to myself, God has got to be so angry with me. Getting the whole thing so completely wrong.

Then one day i attended a bible study, where Mr John told us to not worry about all the sin but to start enjoying Christ and soon He starts clearing that.  Even when sin comes so often it is not the issue anymore, the point is my God, how i enjoy spending time with Him, how he trains this wretched old self of me into something more mature. I felt so encouraged because for the first time in my life i actually enjoyed the Bible, and could relate to all the figures in the Bible. Seeing how every single one was human like us. We sometimes have this idea that when you are a Christian you never sin and that are these super-fake- human beings. It’s not like that.
Anyway so from this year i want to share daily (if possible) pieces from books by Witness Lee, to encourage everyone and myself and to get pieces of life from it. I really need it too and hope that everyone would start to see how we are all on this journey together and that you can never graduate from it while on this earth!


  1. This is beautiful.

  2. Anonymous7:06 AM

    I love your thoughts, I've recently been drifting away from God for the past year or so. Experimenting with things I probably shouldn't, & it's as if now I'm being tested. I just feel so much guilt, like a fool. You know what I mean? Just from drifting away and toying with darkness. This helps though.

  3. . said...
    ahh my sweetie i know exactly ! I sometimes get those feelings still now, but there is this ray of light that God gives me always. I know that because He is Sovereign, even the crap things in my life produces something that shapes me into levels of maturity. I use to think that when i have God in my life, i would not have desires for the wrong things anymore. But to the contrary, it is always a battle because we still have this 'darn' flesh. But the point is, to enjoy Christ.Or even start enjoying Him again. Dont worry about sin or darkness, that gets sorted out ... its cool to know that He works that out for you .my dear we all can relate to this. Just enjoy Him . He is awesome. never judgmental like people

    lots of love s


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