Hi my dear readers.

I hope you are doing well it is almost February and guess what connotation that brings... Valentine’s Day urrrgggg i don't like that. Cal me cynical but i really don’t like that day. In the first place i am not too fond of red and not having a boyfriend does not add to the skepticism of the date. But the highlight of it all is due to ROMWE that gave me the opportunity again to have a giveaway in this week for a lucky reader. So watch this space (in this week).

Anyway i bought a new camera from my cousin and great photographer Paula, so i was playing around for cool lighting today. So the first photo i took this morning. This week our friends from China will be visiting us and i am so excited. Plus i got orders for having to bake many cupcakes and wait for it wedding cakes. So now i can officially do the make-up and hair for the bride and bake her cake... is this a case of A.D.D?

Anyway i am starting to read Luke. It shows Jesus as a God-Man relating to sinners and gentiles. It is so sweet and pleasurable. I only started today but i love it. I read lots from this website too (here), it may look and seem old school but the depth and treasure of the written text is immeasurable, sometimes i read these books and i feel it is so saccharine (in a good way) i think it is better than the best crème brulee.  

May you have a great Sunday my friends that i don’t know.


  1. I also don't like Valentine's day!

  2. yay!!! glad i have a friend in that ;)

  3. really romantic.....
    can't help but following u with great pleasure...

    Follow me on:
    Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

  4. ahh thanx my dear xx

  5. Hi Nadja!

    I'm a fan of your blog and I really love too much your beautiful photographs! And have a nice experience with your new camera!

    Ah, It's wonderful to read about your pleasure in reading Luke...

    All the best!
    Flávio -

    PS: I agree with you: I don't like Valentine's day!

  6. Great pictures, lovely and peacefull

  7. Lovely pictures ! Thank you, have a good sunday too :)
    Hehe Valentine's Day ! Hope to be with the one I love before this !

  8. thanx my dear friends :)

  9. my least fave day of every year feb 14th....bleh
    gaan nou daai website uitcheck xoxoxoxo

    Vivi x

  10. great my friend!! Viv soek vir 'Life study- Luke' by die 'find by title'aan linker-kant, dan scroll jy net tot by 'L' en soek deur 'L' daar is nogal baie maar dis pretty awesome .

    baie liefde lekker week

  11. Anonymous2:41 PM

    this is sooo adorable.

  12. I love your photo , this are vere originals .

    I follow you!

  13. i love it!do u take all the pgotography that u post?x

  14. Anonymous9:47 AM

    some of them i take myself and others i get from random websites that represent the 'feel' of the post that i wil do :)


  16. Hey! primera vez que veo tu blog, te sigo hace mucho tiempo en y ahora siguiré tu blog! tu nueva seguidora.
    Tus fotos son muy bellas, y tus look muy tiernos, dulce! sigue asi! ah! y no olvides visitar mi blog! ;)

  17. So share your aesthetic! Beauuuutiful pics, following you know

  18. :D i was wondering if youd like to put me in ur blog list and ill do the same :)i LOVE ur blog,its rlly awsome and i'a it wil definetly help me by reaching my goal of 1000 followers x Only if you want to of course :) x

  19. Absolutly amazing, romantic photos!!! I love it;)

    xx alex

    I'm keen on your blog, maybe you want visit mine???

  20. Your blog is soo, sweet and amazing photos fyi!

    xx jasmine

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