Jonas brother + CONGRATS TO OUR WINNER esther

hi everyone! wow what  difficult decision to pick a winner for the valentine competition. Each and every comment was so appreciated and i wish everyone could win. The reason i chose this special lady was because i could really relate to her story:
My dream valentine date...well this may sound totally silly and he's not famous or anything, but there's this boy that I really like who's in my grade...his name is Jonah :) He's really funny and he has really great taste in music and oh gosh, now I'm blushing! He would be my dream date, but alas I'm too nervous to ask him. Sigh, maybe next year'

Being pretty shy myself i remember how it felt in school to have crush on a guy, but just being too dam shy to speak to him. I had a uber huge crush on this one guy in my school. He was the mysterious intellectual type, that added to my infatuation. Every time he glanced in my direction i felt my tummy growling (maybe i was hungry... never thought of that). Anyway so he made the first move and asked me out for a coffee, to talk about fashion. I was pretty nervous and it seemed that every single outfit in my closet had less than adequate visual coolness. After hours of preparation i was late of course... so we sat with coffee mugs and can i say lithe conversation the way that it was just flowing. Almost like ping pong balls moving back and forth and having loads of things in common. Too much i would say... so the conversation got to fashion. He knew too much i thought in the back of my mind, and as i looked at him i realized he was way too stylish. So it all fell into place.. he was not much interested in girls! No wonder he never dated anyone and was the first guy that knew about the latest Miu Miu shoes.. my crush did exactly that: CRUSHED all over in my heart and mind . It was over.... he would not be interested in me but maybe Jonas brother.

So Esther my sweetie heres to your Jonah and may you find the courage to ask that boy out.  He is going to be the lucky one to have such an interesting girl for conversation  (check out her blog)

Enjoy the $120 from romwe


  1. Congratulations Esther! Have fun with it! And cute story, I really recognize myself in it!

  2. he he thanx my dear xx

  3. Cute story ! I think many shy people like me have the same, congratulations Esther you deserve it :))) !!

  4. And your story with the Jonas'brothers boy make me laugh, hehe hope you had enjoy your coffee though ^^

  5. hA Ha thanx ! Yes at least i had some good coffee if nothing else! ;)

  6. Again thank you so much!! Haha your Jonas brother story made me laugh, although I'm sure it wasn't very funny to you at the time.

    Annnnd...I think I will work up the courage to ask him out soon...:)

  7. ha ha no it was actually pretty hilarious as i was sitting there talking to that fashionista ;) and i cant wait for you to ask Jonah out!!!

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