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Hi everyone i hope you are doing awesome! I have been pretty busy this week baking cupcakes taking photos and wait for it.... making fingers. I was lecturing at a college and had to show the pupils how to make prosthetic fingers. So our house has been filled with cupcakes and horror ‘cut off’ fingers, what a combination. The college that i taught at is called Stage door. Lovely people and great students.

Spiritually wise i have been trying to remember to Prayer-read throughout the day (although i forget many times) but that really helps me to stay put throughout the day. I sometimes tend to be A.D.D, so now when i read the Bible i take a verse and pray it back to the Lord throughout the day (because i kind of suck at praying, i always just ask for lame things).... practically speaking it works like this:

If you, like me sometimes struggle to pray or don’t know what to ask for try to pray God’s Word back to Him, let’s take Psalm 34:4 – I sought Jehovah, and He answered me, And He delivered me from all that terrified me.

Thank you Jehovah that we as Human beings may seek you. Thank you that You are faithful to answer us although we are not faithful. Thank you that you deliver us from anything that terrifies us because you are faithful. We love you Jehovah.

So there... it’s easy and write whatever verse you want on a paper and keep it with you throughout the day and whenever you need your Spirit uplifted pray it back to God for whatever reason is applicable to you. You will always find something to pray about.
This really helped me. Have a great day kids!


  1. Awesome :) Thanks for sharing the tip!

  2. wooonderful pictures!

  3. love your pics!!

  4. I just found your blog and think it's really cool. Love the features and images. I am your new follower :)

    UK Style Blogger

  5. Hi, Nadja!

    Always being a fan of your blog and of your work. By the way, I've been checking out your recent Lookbook wonderful photos. Your style is so unique and lovely!

    All the best! :)

  6. I found you in Lookbook, and I'm in love with your wonderful photos :D


  7. I really like your blog I hope u won't mind I will follow you :)
    I assume you are Jehovah's Witness ? :)

  8. wow thank you so much everyone!! glad you like it ;) no jeanne not Jehovah's Witness... Christian :)

  9. Beautiful, as always!! ;)
    Lot of kisses
    The Sky

  10. like ur style always.

  11. I have been following you for a while now on LOOKBOOK.... and now that I know you are my sister in Christ I will continue to follow your blog & enjoy your beautiful pictures. Praying with you... and for you!


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