Wow what a week i have been busy and neglecting my blog, but i am back in ‘full throttle’ without having to converse in conversation to Charlie...or being an angel. I will be keeping this post short because i consider it to be a peace treaty between my reader{s} and I. In the words of Kip (napoleon dynamite brother) ‘Peace out’! 
I have been very privileged to be on the cover of the Canadian magazine Inspirer.nu  check it out here the interview is done on page 56. all photos taken by the great Paula

Also i would like to know from everyone... what are you thankful for in this week? The tendency is always lurking to be unappreciative about things. So it’s good to adapt a habit of ‘voicing’ thankfulness or in this case writing it down. 
 I am thankful for... my God. Being able to love Him.

 Have a great one ‘yall Stills from Electrick Children


  1. Hello, Nadja!

    Loved to read your interview! My sincere compliments to you :)

    All the best, F.


  2. Cool blog and lookbook..
    love your style so muchh :)

    kiss from indonesia

  3. nice blog Nadja <3^^ but please make your font color a little darker, I can hardly read your text :/