Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share something that meant a great deal to me this morning. We tend to avoid suffering; naturally our humanity drives us to do so. But without some sort of suffering in our lives, our shaping in the character areas lack a bit. Think about it for a second. Erase any kind of suffering which you have had in your life. What is left? We thought it to be a ‘happy’ person but instead it is a pretty dull mortal. I am not saying that one should chase after suffering in a sort of Masochism manner. Instead, developing a birds-eye view of situations. Easier said than done, i know but it helps to have that realization.

I thank Christ for enabling that for me. I really am writing this from a sort of experiential way. Very little experience, but a bit. I know that Christ always helps me to perceive suffering or hardship from a different direction (although i still fight against it and try to avoid comes). If it would be up to my natural human concept i would not be able to see the point of it.
But i think of Jacob. He was a stubborn lad. The Lord had to shape him. He used sufferings in a sovereign way. In the end he reached a level of maturity. I know that it is difficult to see it in the midst of bad times ( and i am actually speaking to myself here, because who likes difficult times).... but i guess faith builds.

Have great week everyone! Just know that we all go through thorny periods... and we are here to help each other as one big entity 


  1. The midst always eventually settles, and while it is blinding in the depths of it, you can always find a way to make it through...

    So true Nadja and thank you for your wonderful words to excite a new dawn this week...

    Sublime wishes

  2. ahh you to my dear!!! Hope you have a fantastic one!!! 'the midst always eventually settles' AWESOME realization!!:) xx

  3. like your thoughts Nadja^^, but is it to make us suffer that you make your font color so pale ? ;)

  4. ha ha ha claude!!.. i like the light font it is serene..tilt your screen a bit up when you read my blog ;)

    1. ok then, no doubt my eyes will get used to your light :)

  5. You make a really good point! After dealing with lots of hardships (who hasn't?) I've realized that the hard times are there to make the good times even sweeter! Without hardship we would be bored and spoiled and would not know how to enjoy the good stuff in life.

  6. love love love! timeless truths, that are so encouraging. thank you for sharing!!


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