Hi everyone.

I am so excited to write this post. I have been working this past month with people that are considered famous...very famous. Many of them. Tons of them. Little egos and big egos. And can i just shout out how to the whole world how beaaautifull humility is! Oh my goodness. How fame is fleeting. Can people just realize that? Today you are on top, tomorrow you are nothing. How empty.
When you, as a human vessel fill yourself with anything other than the Life giving Spirit, you end up deadened. I speak to myself here. But we can all relate. Money can’t bring happiness, although everyone is fighting after it...fame can’t bring happiness.... just one thing can.

Can i just say again that humility.... mmmm...sweet taste ....beautiful!!


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  2. well now that I got used to your light font ;) another question Nadja, if you don't mind of course.
    Though I love your blog as it is, why do you not publish any fashion looks of yourself here ? ... or do/did you ?

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  3. hey Claude! Glad you getting your eyes adjusted he he :) . I dont want my blog to be so much about myself, so i try to keep the fashion for my Lookbook page that way i can rather post photos that fit the vibe of the post that i write. I am kind of crazy about atmosphere, so my fashion photos sometimes lack the vibe that i write :)

    1. as for me I find your Lookbook photos so much inspiring and not so far away from the vibe of your writing. anyway it will also be a pleasure to adapt myself to this double entry of your home. ;)

  4. HI nadja!i just wanted to say that i think you are beautiful and amazing! your photos are so inspiring and amazing. you inspiried me to start blogging!:))) i just wanted to say i think your AWSOME and such a good rolemodel

  5. Nads <3
    Dis so mooi & weereens so waar!
    My lewe is na Paasfees hopelik weer terug na normaal, leef tans uit my tas :(
    So ek kontak jou binnekort dn maak ons 'n date.
    Vivi x

  6. # Sara -my sweetheart it is sooooooo inspiring to me to hear that!!wow i feel honored ! a story like yours also inspires me to keep on going! x

    Viv -moenie worry nie ons kuier soon xx

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  8. love your blog !: )

  9. Your blog is awesome! I saw you page and decided to check your blog out! All of your clothes are so cool!! I am your newest follower!
    Check out my fashion blog!

  10. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Hi nadja seale, i loved your photo wich a girl running across a small river . the water gust so dramaticall :)

  11. Hello :)
    Because of the photo with the girl standing next to her bike in the water I have to make a comment now! Since a long time I'm following your blog now. Hope u have nice days that inspire you to post much more nice pictures and notes like these. Greetings from Carla.

  12. I agree how first impressions can be so deceiving. I keep getting awfully surprised when I come across people that have no intention in their body to be a good person, I thought that was a natural goal for everyone, but apparently not...

  13. Such inspiring message. Thank you for sharing. <3

  14. Such a cute post, the pictures are all so lovely.


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