His my only hope

I just realized how everything tangible or physical is fleeting. We can try to elevate ourselves in becoming better persons but in the end it is all chaff. Not to sound cynical, of course it would help if people would live moral good lives; in general the world would be a better place. But if it is all just an act and the root of mankind is still snake-bitten what worth is it.

I try to stress this point to myself very often. When people look at Christians they think 10 commandments, rules, prudes, boring, fake. In a sense it is true, many Christians have not come to the realization that the 10 Commandments was/is a picture of who Christ is in comparison to mankind/s corruptness.  They try to keep those set of rules and end up phoney people with a fake smile from ear to ear making you feel like you are so sinful and bad, when Christ accomplished the law by His blood. Plus the bad thing with sin is the moment you  try and deal with it by yourself, you (or me for that matter)  fail every time.
I have seen it in my own life.

When i say to myself, ok Nadja: you are going to be good today, love everyone, not lose your temper.. Just be good. Cause i really desire that. Then what happens? i fail big time. I come into a situation and then super lose my temper and then think, oh no you little brat, you failed uber large... see you can’t do it. But that’s precisely it! My FLESH CAN’T it is snake-bitten... corrupted...messy! Man then Christ is so cool, He gives the revelation again and again and again. Come to me. Come to your Spirit...His is just inside of you silly girl Nadja, you just forgot He cant wait to handle these things. Speak to your Spirit. Speak and ask Him before you try and handle it.

Then (literally) in a few seconds I say: Lord Jesus, you know i am fleshly and sinful, but Your Spirit living in me is pure and clean and powerful beyond my measure. Please will You handle this temper this moment because my flesh will fail it i just know it. Wow and His Spirit is able beyond measure. You guys (and girls) I still struggle so often to remember to rather go to Christ too, and it only takes a second for Him to handle the situations. Luckily we have each other to pray with and for and be able to go through these experiences in order to eventually become pearls and precious stones only reflecting our wonderful Christ in His eternal dwelling place!

Christ in me the hope of glory.


  1. Ah! This is so true, Nadja! But I love that there's the upside to our nature- the Cross.

    Thank you for sharing <3
    Love from the East

  2. hey my dear Keke so nice to hear from you! Yes Isn't the cross just the life saver and life giver!!

    hope you doing good in Korea my love

  3. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Beautiful post - and not because of the pictures, though those are pretty, too. I really am encouraged by you sharing your beliefs in Jesus - so thank you!
    Much love,

  4. Found you on lookbook- it's so awesome to know that you're a Christian! That's so great! God bless you and may you keep letting Him shine through your words and your visibly sweet heart.

  5. Super gorgeous pics! The starfish are super pretty in hair!


  6. So beautiful Nadija! It is so inspiring knowing you are a follower of Christ and that with your life you strive to glorify Him! Thank you for your thoughts. It is true that when we, on our own terms and by our own strength, try to be good that we fail. But when we ask for Christ and the Holy Spirit to fill us, what a difference that makes. We no longer are trying to be good for ourselves, but trying in all we do to bring glory to God. Indeed, Christ in us the hope of glory.

  7. pragtig Nadja x I can relate x



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