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Wow its Monday and definitely not blue for me i am actually having my off today!! Wow since a few weeks not having a break.
So i will act all schizophrenic and talk to myself ...well to my blog... well to you. Whoever  ‘you’ may be. Ok before i bring out my lame tactics i will try and write with eloquence and sound articulate. Anyway i always like to write about my spiritual experiences in life just because i often write nonsense and that helps me to keep (somewhat) track of my thoughts.

I have been realizing how fragile life is. I got an email about a girl that told me of how she feels she is never as pretty as the girls in magazines and she feels ‘bigger’ than most girls, despite the fact that she is really well built. I just realized how the enemy uses the same boring old story for everyone. Telling people they are not good enough, ugly, dumb etc. It is always the same stories. And i thought to myself we have to realize one thing, for those of us lucky enough to be able to grow old we have to understand, beauty is so fleeting and you are never allowed to be arrogant about it no matter who you are. Plus everyone that gets old gets a little less pretty physically but so beautiful inside. What is more beautiful than a loving Granny and Grandpa?

On the other hand if you waste your time worrying about these things you end up becoming miserable. Rather feed your spirit and soul with beauty. It is lasting. Of course i am not being ignorant in thinking it lasts emotionally and that we will never feel intimidations of sorts, but when they come along our paths, take a few seconds as turn away from the situation/thought and ask God to remind you of the real Truth of your worth and to take away the lie. He is so faithful to do it. Please don’t think i am a super-human being to have this aspect sorted... we all get bombarded with these lies from the media and all around us. But the practical aspect of it is, to turn from it and to turn to the real source of Hope that lies within your spirit!

Have a great day everyone! nip it in the bud


  1. inspiration!!!
    thank you for post this pics :)

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  2. amazing! you are an inspiration to many!xxxxx

  3. GREAT POST! all lovely photos! <3


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