Clothed and sane

I was so encouraged this morning by a piece I read. It is the story of Martha and Mary in Luke 10. It is just a short portion in luke10:38-42.

It speaks about how Martha was working and getting pretty messed up because Jesus came to visit them and then her sister Mary was (v39) ‘sitting at the Lords feet and listening to his word.’ She actually said to Jesus, listen please just tell my sister to come and help me do the ‘stuff’. Then you know what is so great? Is that Jesus just said to her (v 42):’Mary has chosen the good part which shall not be taken away from her.’
Oh my, how cool is that. But here’s the “but” again (remember i always say i like big butts).  Guess what is the meaning of the name Martha? (Aramaic) meaning ‘rebellious’ and then Mary (Greek Maria, Hebrew Miriam) meaning ‘their rebellion’.

So it is kind of a picture of our natural state which is rebellion, but the one choosing to enjoy the Lord and the other choosing ‘good works’ out of the self. Anyway, one other cool thing is Luke 8:35. It is soooooo great and precious. The crazy insane man that was full of lame demons and Jesus healed Him and the people sought the once ‘mal-crazy-man’, and where did they find him?? Sitting at the feet of Jesus. Clothed and sane. What a great picture

I love that. He was sane. I can just so relate to that man. I get pretty crazy, insane messed up when i do my own thing (which i still do so often), but once i just chill, enjoy the Lord, enjoy His word, it is like crystal water coming over me. No obligations of: ‘oh, i have to go to church or pray, or read the Bible...’nothing like that, in fact that also makes me is just enjoying my Creator...and all that He is... which is ‘insanely’ great.

Have a good day ‘yall .... Now i have that dumb song in my head (i like big butts... about lame)


  1. as usual lovely photos which force to stop and see!

  2. Just enjoying the Creator. That's all. Love it

  3. hay keke!! how you doing on the other side of the world?? xx

  4. Lovely post my dear!!

    xx from Germany,

  5. Such a lovely blog! I really like your style!


  6. I'm always puzzled when it comes to the story about Martha and Mary as my name is Marta :D Why she has chosen this worse part! Why is she doing wrong? :) And now, when I've red your explanation - especially the meaning of those names - wow - it makes so much sense, thank you soo much for sharing your thoughts on this blog :) our Lord is great ! :)
    Greetings from Poland :D (and sorry for some errors in spelling)


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