Hi everyone i just need to share something that i wrote this morning to my new friend in North Carolina. 

you know sometimes Christianity can be seen as a religion and a bunch of rules and commandments,it is so far from that! It is a relationship and a love for an awesome Lord called Jesus Christ. And you know when we become Christians it is not that we all of a sudden became perfect and without sin. The thing is, we are still in our fleshly bodies and that is covered in sin, in fact the body constantly leans toward sin.I know that still now, still everyday i experience it,its sort of a battle (Rom7).But what happened is, once our hardened,empty and deadened spirit became regenerated with a Life giving Spirit, we had a new government working in us. There is such a big difference. The change is now that the Spirit in us has the ability to even control the body, so much so, that when the body is put to death the Spirit will be the only Existence and life.What is that Spirit? It is the processed Christ, by means of death and Resurrection, who became the life giving Spirit. Isn't  that awesome? It gives me peace too, just to know that my flesh is not really made for following all the rules and 'being a better person' but my Spirit is able. More than able. Phill 4:13 says: 'I am able to do all things  through Christ which strengtheneth me.' It is not you, yourself /flesh who strengthens yourself, it is a simple turning to your Spirit and asking for the help from the Lord who conquers all. Dont get me wrong, i so often try to do it out of my self "to be good' and do the right thing. But can i expose my doings here.... I FAIL OUT OF MYSELF. Major fail. In true honesty i also still forget to ask the Lord to help me, but i can honestly say that in the times i do remember and turn to my Spirit a Supernatural  flow of life and strength come,and it cant be of me, that i know for a fact.It is the regenerated Spirit operating in me. 

Just one last thing. I know Religionists tend to lean toward the whole thing of: Go to church, do good, read the Bible and so on, all out of ritual and may i say religion, trying to keep some sort of law, doing things out of their soul-life or flesh not giving the pre-eminence to Christ. I am not trying to say it is all bad but it does not produce a love and a life toward the Lord. In-fact i used to feel pretty depressed when i saw people constantly 'happy' and 'holy' and i was not..(that is out of my flesh),only Christ in my Spirit is holy. Some try and deal with sin from themselves and i feel it is the wrong way around. The Lord Jesus is not an instant fix.
He wants us to enjoy Him. Sin will sort out itself after time you will see. First and for most the Lord wants you to have a first love toward Him,being excited to spend time with Him every day. Even when you have done something crap, He will deal with that in time but ENJOY Him. He cannot wait to hear you speaking to Him every morning. Sin is going to fade with time when you first start to just enjoy Him without the guilt. He took care of our sin. He wants us to what..... ENJOY Him first and for most !

May you enjoy the most loving creator who created us whom He considers His Masterpiece! Whooo hooo Eph: 2:10 We are His masterpiece! 

He is just my great Love (even though i am not perfect at all) 
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  1. hey darlin. loved the sweet write-up on your faith, and wanted to let you know that i started a round-up of fashion bloggers who share that faith in God. i'd love to have you on the list! email me at: herzog.lindsey@gmail.com if you are interested, or just check it out and enter here: http://www.rubygirlblog.com/p/f.html. PS-SOOO love this dress! just gorgeous! xoxo linds (www.rubygirlblog.com)

  2. Hay Ruby thank you so much, it is always so great to know from people around the world who love a diverse creation, i will mail soon.This week is just loaded with great jobs so, sorry if it might be a bit delayed but i will try as soon as possible :) and please mail at : nadja@nadjaseale.com ,if this scatter-brain forgets ;)

    much lovE rUBY

  3. Such a great post! :)
    So thankful to share in the same joy.
    Thanks for sharing your heart.



  4. yey, these photos are amazing, i love all <3


  5. Just found your blog via Lookbook. My my girl, I love your simplicity. This post made so much sense and reassured me. God just wants us to love Him! Amazing. And what you said about Him just wanting to hear our voice reminded me of the scripture in Song of Songs 8: 13 - "Oh my darling, lingering in the gardens, your companions are fortunate to hear your voice. Let me hear it, too!"
    :) xx

  6. Hi there, I'm so flattered you like this photo of me (sixth from the bottom)! Do you mind crediting it to my site, http://notsonaked.com.au? It's a legal requirement since it's copyrighted to my site. Thanks x