ou tannies en liewe Jesus

Today i could really feel it is starting to become winter in South Africa, Weird to say but i love winter. The bite in the butt it gives you. Where i stay we have winters where the sky is as blue us the ocean and the sun is shining, the nice type. Anyway i recently went to my Gran staying in the old age home not far from where we stay.

What a treat. Now being the type of person that i am i like to go and meet the people that my Gran stays with. This one lady in particular ‘Hettie van der Westhuizen’ caught my fancy. I love her, there is no fakeness or cover up with her, says it as it is. I think at the age of 90 you don’t need to impress people anymore. Isnt that great, i wish that realization would infiltrate me now already so that i could be like my friend Hettie. My gran invited me to go play bingo with them in the Old age home, i cannot wait. Anyhoo some random info into my over-enthusiastic grey-mass, i call my brain.... back to something ‘lekker’

This morning i had a great time with my Lord in reading from His word Phil. 3:17 ‘be imitators together of me.’

How many times have i tried to be a ‘imitator’ of God...man and i fail tremendously, in fact the opposite happens and i get mad at myself for failing. But... no here is the big BUT (i like big buts ha ha), we have a Spirit in us. Not just any Spirit, man, this Spirit is awesome... it gives you the ability to be an imitator. I know practically speaking when i (before i want to do something that is wrong or sinfull), turn to my Spirit and just say: ‘Lord i am about to do this thing that i know is not Your Will, but please will you help me to not do it for my flesh leans toward sin but i know Your Spirit in me will be able to overcome it, please help’.... KHHHHHABOOOM His Spirit comes and gives peace and grace, man that Spirit is soooo good. Now just to actually remember to turn to Him!

Anyway everyone this is just my ramblings but may you have an attitude like the infamous Hettie van der Westhuizen!


  1. omg what amazing inspiryng photos! they made my day!!

  2. Amazing photos Nadja! You're my inspiration xxx

  3. i absolutley adore u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo


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