pig and horse

I went to Mosselbay this week and it was so awesome just to see the sea (see the sea ha ha). I realized i do have a thing for the small town vibe. When i recently did my interview with Lookbook.nu i got asked where i would see myself in 2017. I really don’t have the desire to be working with some sort of famous magazine or celebrity, if it happens then it is cool but, I would like to stay on a farm in a small town and have a coffee shop and vintage shop for all my treasured clutter.  I know i am an idealist but it is really where i see myself. I also included being married to a vet. The reason for that is, i love animals and would like someone that is legit to look after Pippel my diabetic dog when i need to fly around the world. So it is essential.  Plus i plan on having a horse and a pig too. Such a nerd 

Anyway here is our visual serotonin again for the day. 
                                                                     credits Logan cole


  1. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Lovely photos! My favorite is the last one, so beautiful.
    xo, Tori

  2. Nice pictures ;)
    I hope I could have a shop (vintage maybe too ^^) one day and live in a beautiful city where the sun shines every day !

  3. wow such awesome photos, lovely! !!!


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