Only a dummy would give this up for something as common as money. Are you a dummy?

Hi my lovely readers i have not been able to write because i have been working quite a bit. And by the end of the day i say: Ok tomorrow i will do a post and then tomorrow has its own challenges, so i decided to wake up early this morning and share a few of my experiences of these past couple of weeks.

First of all what i realized is that if we do not eat our spiritual manna (which is Christ and His word) and drink of the water of Life, we are prone to be defeated.  Every morning we need to be revived unto the Creator, the all in all super abundant God. Not worrying about tomorrow because tomorrow has its own problems, just being revitalized for today. Don’t think too much about tomorrow but live ‘today’ the best ‘today’ that you can live.

Then another thing that i just really want to share with my friends: Is the pursuit of money and fame. There is a difference in making a living and being paid for it and the love of money. Obviously we all need a certain amount of money to live and if some of us have more than others that is our allotted portion but, the love money is another thing. We tend to think that if we could just make that amount of money we would be happy, or if we could just buy that car everything will be fine. But to tell you the truth, after the temporally happiness of it, it leaves you more empty than before. Fame is the same; it only produces short lived fulfilment. After a certain time it also leaves you with a God-less hole. The only satisfaction that is eternal is the satisfaction of enjoying our Creator every single day and experiences of Life.

I have been working with many celebrities these past weeks, i love them all, as every individual has this 'cute' aspect to them. But i realize all the more that they are empty. Sorry to say that but when your life revolves only around yourself it will evidently leave you with a sensation of darkness and emptiness. Maybe not immediately, but soon.  No amount of fame, money, clothes, cars, can leave you with long lasting happiness.
Peruse that which is life and leaves you with a love for your God. That satisfaction is eternal. 
Eat good food, spend time with people, live slower, see the beautiful flower on the road or the stunning sunset. Thats richness. 

Live a simple life

I like grandpa George in Charlie and the Chocolate factory, that spoke to Charlie just after he got the Golden ticket:

 George: There's plenty of money out there. It is common, They print more every day. But this ticket— There are only five of them in the whole world, and that's all there's ever going to be. Only a dummy would give this up for something as common as money. Are you a dummy?
Live for experience!


  1. such beautiful thoughts. i always appreciate your godly perspective!! xoxo linds {{}}

  2. Anonymous5:19 AM

    Absolutely beautiful Nadja. I think I do need to dwell on that too, particular as recently there have been many (financial and fame) worries. I've been busking during the summer to make a living while working on my vintage boutique ( and the last module of my degree. But at the end of the day (and at the beginning of the day and during the day) it's really the Lord and my loved ones who are on my mind, and very often I have to question whether I'll be willing to make them my priority, when things get too busy and I'm running the mad chase.

    I do pray that God will provide for me (I know He always does) and do His work through me. Sometimes it's difficult to have faith in the simplest and the most beautiful, but moments like these given by your blog give a spark for inspiration and strength.

    I pray that you'll always know your way and be a light to those whose lives you touch.


  3. my dear friend thank you so much for this comment it is so encouraging to hear a story like yours too. As we all go through these 'humane' experiences elements of life is being built up inside. Even when we feel God is not there, there will be a lasting 'pearl' being formed through the sand/ difficult times


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