stay on the grass

I was talking to my friend yesterday and just realized (again) the beauty of being content and satisfied in life. She said something that is so true; we tend to think that the grass is always greener on the other side. But the ‘grass’ is your today. That is most probably the greenest the grass will be. The good times and including the bad times. It is all part of our portion as human beings. When we receive it in acceptance thankfulness for life develops.  Remember the bad or difficult times are the only, can i say ...epoch that we are developed into usable vessels. That is our character building times. The good times are also from our Creator, where we can give thanks and praise Him. So in short both are first-class humane experiences. When we give praise and thanks at any time of our life, it becomes a constitution of satisfaction for whatever comes your way, in order that we might live and see our ‘green grass’ in every single day of our life!

Viva  green grass  


  1. Jesus is besig met karakter bou in my op oomblik x Prys Hom!!


  2. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Im loving all those pictures!

  3. So inspiring pictures :) I am following your blog!
    Lot of kisses
    The Sky

  4. hi viv soooo lekker om van jou te hoor hou net moed daai tye het gewoolik die beste outcome :)
    nice 'meeting' you jessica and sky always great to hear from new friend

    much love, nadja

  5. Hi girl !
    Your one of my favorite bloggers, I love your style and personality and so do my readers !
    So I was wondering if you'd be willing to grant me an interview ? I will ask you questions about your inspirations, what you like doing in your spare time (don't worry no personal questions, because it only concerns you), your favorite artists and trip tips !
    I think it would be pretty nice :)
    So please let me know if you're interested !
    You can contact me on my blog or by email (

    xoxo Marie

    Ps: Sorry it's a collective message because I want to say the same things to my favorite bloggers, and I don't have a lot of time, but don't worry I really like you blog and I often read it ♡

  6. Love these photos ! & you're right... the grass isn't always greener on the other side... every moment is a gift.. one way or another .

  7. I love your blog and lookbook Nadja! So much that i blogged about you! :) Keep loving and serving Jesus!

  8. wow thank you sooooooooooooooo much i feel truly honored and so humbled!!

  9. Love the photos! What your friend said is so true and I totally agree with it. It is what I've been telling my friends all the time!


  10. Hi Nadja!! Great post!! I'd love to have you hook up with Fashion & Faith! Takes 3 minutes and you can find a lot of other awesome fashion bloggers who love God on there! So cool :) here's the link:

  11. Ahh I love this so much! Your post really encouraged me. Such a good reminder of what is truly important & how grateful I am to be exactly where I am. Thanks! xx


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