These last couple of days my best friend Pippel ( that’s now my Chinese crested hairless dog), got a bit sick. Now you all know that she is diabetic. We found that out last year and she has been going strong since then but this week it has not been too good. Yesterday i was a bit sad and down, thinking about the fact that one day she will not be there anymore. Then all of a sudden i just realized that my God will fill me with peace in the midst of trouble and turbulence. No matter what happens around me i can focus on who this God of mine is. Compassionate, full of love, mighty, powerful and merciful. Even when this world falls and people are sick and dying... no it does not make sense, the suffering all around, but i will try and focus on who This One is that i serve and love.

Then all of a sudden i just felt a peace in knowing that if He chooses to heal her it is in His hands and if He chooses to take her to heaven, that is somehow part of His sovereign plan too, although it is difficult , He will supply me with the peace to be able to deal with it.

Now I know my dog Pip is in His hands which ever happens. He is there in the storm 
Peace is He for us.


  1. lots of love and joyful in Your post. It could be the inspiration for doing good things. and for making peace.

  2. So beautiful photos!! :)

  3. Nadja, my dog is also been sick latley for he has epilepsy ?(seizures) and hearing you say those words makes me realize that god will create peace with me and him either way. thank you for your words and thoughts. xx

  4. love your blog!



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