tell me your bestest sandwich

Hi everyone i hope you are all doing awesome. I am writing from my ‘office’. With a coffee aroma filling the air and great music playing, the perks of  have having a mobile office just continues. Yes you guessed it. I am at a great coffee shop drinking coffee and working. I guess i don’t regret ever starting to be my own boss.

Well let me get to the point, this post i am doing is in need of your help too. My friend and i, Chrizelle just started a new blog(click here). It is basically anything DIY from nails to clothes. We kind of felt something like ‘pay it forward’. Sharing all ideas we either get on the internet or do it ourselves. It only started like 3 days ago so please follow if you like. Anyway i just realized recently the need of having a support system. In terms of work. I am pretty busy these days and i still want to do the organic markets where i sell cupcakes and edible things. But because of my work i am not always able, but this month i asked Chrizelle to help me make ‘gourmet sandwiches’ at a Vintage market -Vintage design fair ,being held here in Pretoria  on the 27th and 28th of July at +27 Design cafe. It is two awesome girls Beninca and Riesa that started it last year and it was such a success that due to popular demand it is back this month – check it out here (click here) and be sure to come. I will also be selling clothes from my vintage range Vintage Vices.

But (heres the big butt again), i want to know from you all what is your favourite sandwich?? You can either comment with it underneath this post or email it to me. We will then pick the coolest ones and name your sandwich after you and feature it on this blog and sell it at the market with your name on it. For instance ‘Nadja’s from South Africa’s chicken licken love sandwich’. All the photos will be uploaded after the market, with people enjoying your sandwich.
So heres what you do:

-Tell me your favorite sandwich (savoury or sweet) , your country and give the sandwich a cool name!
-Please provide us with your email too so we can get the recipe from you if your sandwich gets picked!


  1. wow some of those sandwiches look absolutely yummmm!i followed the 'diy' blog btw i really love it!x btw may i ask if you please check out my blog?x

  2. Looove the pictures. You make me hungry :p

    x jasmine

    1. I ate last february in New York a delicious sandwich with :

      ham, salat, corriandre, tomato, cheddar and bread brown.

      amaziiiing !!

  3. oehhh sounds yum i love coriander!

  4. These photo's are beautiful ! LOVE

  5. lovely blog!

    Maybe wanna follow each other?

  6. i've just stumbled upon your blog on a friday night. i was just about to go outside partying. took a quick look at lookbook, clicked on your profile. now i'm here. for hours. with sweet electronic sounds in the background it's such a wonderful place to scroll through all those dreamy photographs! thanks for this <3

    best wishes through the night from juna

  7. ha ha Juna that is so cool!! Definitely a first that to hear that my lookbook and blog kept someone from a party ha ha!! You so cute thanks for the great comment!

  8. lovely pictures! look delicious! (:

  9. ok, bear with me.. my bestest sandwich sounds like something only a pregnant woman could like, but i promise.. it's amazing!
    take white bread (or even better, that honey&oats one), spread crunchy peanut butter on the one side. slice half a banana on top. close the sandwich and toast in one of those sandwich maker toaster things til nice and brown :)

  10. extremely lovely sandwiches! bon appetit;)


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