WHo's the Who ANNABEL from Romwe

This last year i have been working with an amazing company Romwe (leading online fashion store) and in their company they have a wonderful girl Annabel that have now become my friend but i wanted to find out more about her:

How old are you and from which country do you come from//
I am 23 years old, from a beautiful and old city of Nanjing in China. I was born here, study here, work here and will marry here! I love this city, hope all of you will come and I can be a guide for you!

Lovely Annabel describe your day job to me//
I love my work, it is the first work of me when I graduate from my college. I love to work with my boss April, she is a beautiful girl! Actually, the most I want to do of my work is to be the friend of all of our ROMWE cute bloggers, not just the business relationship with you. But I know there may have something I didn't do it well, but I will try my best! Because I love my work! I love ROMWE!

Recently you designed your own range of leggings for Romwe how did that feel//

Oh, that was really amazing! Actually I was a little worry about them at first, but I can't believe that all of them are really hot now! To be honest, it was a little tired of taking responsibility of the produce process, but when I got the finished product, I was really excited! Especially when I saw them on ROMWE web page. I won't forget this amazing experience in my life. If there is any chance, I will design more products for all of you

What do you think of Lookbook.nu//

Lookbook.nu is a fashion spot, which gives people a chance to show themselves to the world. Meanwhile you can know other people worldwide as well. Their styles and stories, that's really amazing! It really get us closer.

What’s your favorite food//
I have many favorite food, they all special local food, the first one is "鸭血粉丝" and the second one is "小笼包" I don't how to call them in English, but they are really nice~ Yummy!

What’s your favourite animal//
Well, actually, I love many animals, but I am too busy to accompany them. So I don't have any pet yet, but I hope I will have a cute doggy in the future.

 If you had a child what would you call her/him and why//
Hahaha, interesting question. I was thought about this lovely problem with my fiance in the past. But we don't have a good one yet, I will appreciate if you have a good one for me! Hahaha!

Have you ever had sushi if so what do you think of it//
Oh, absolutely! I looooove it! And also I can make it. I have ever made some of them for my fiance, he even thought them were bought from the market. I think it's not only delicious, but also like a art work. I really love it!

What is your favourite cupcake?
I love all kinds of them, but I like make photos of them better. I had ever study to make them, but I failed. Hehe.
I will try again next time and will show you the photos of them.

Adios my dear friend it was awesome chatting to you! 


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