Every now and again i go to visit my grandmother in the old age home. I find it fascinating to listen to the stories of the ‘grey-haired-characters’. They don’t seem to care about anyone’s opinion; they have earned the right to utter their opinion to others. I find it fascinating. I realized that most of them only need an ear that is willing to listen (to my own detriment sometimes). Many days my thoughts wonder when in one-way conversation with them and i have to be honest that the information that is given to me gets overloaded and i stop thinking. So often a monologue will be performed.

One specific day i decided to take my dog Pippel with to add to the ‘excitement’ of the Old-age home escapade. I sat down in my gran’s room and she went off on her usual tangents. Pippel, my dog decided to investigate the room and went off on her tin-tin adventures. My gran murmured something about her teeth and placed the white porcelain dentures next to her bed. We watched some television for a bit but when she raised her opinion on the bad acting of a soap star i asked her to maybe put the teeth back due to the reason that i could not make out a word. All havoc broke loose when we realised that the teeth was gone. We looked everywhere and could not find it. She uttered many vague words that could have been swearing too (good thing i couldn’t hear). After an exhausting searching mission i realized that Pippel might have been the tooth fairy. I think she is jealous because she has real skew teeth. So the search continued for my dog pippel too. Up and down the stairs, the diabetic canine was gone. After what seemed hours had pass, we saw a little grey mass in my grans cupboard sound asleep... chocolate all over her doggy nose and my grans false teeth under her head! Not only had he been the teeth criminal but she had eaten a box of Lindt chocolate too. Oh the dogs life.

Needless to say i was not allowed to bring ‘stout gat’ Pippel with again and was in the dog box
 myself for a long period of time... until i gave a peace treaty in the form of Haagen Dazs Praline and cream, ice-cream. I realized once again that Haagen Dazs should have received the Nobel prize for peace. And so my visitation rights were restored by my ice-cream friends!


  1. Oh what a nice story! :)


  2. I really enjoyed your story and your photos :) thanks for sharing!

    xo the garage gypsy

    ps. i just posted a lookbook video that you should check out if you have a moment :))

  3. Ek het nou so lekker gelag, ek dink die mense in Vida din eks mal!;)

  4. Grear blog, beauty!!
    following you now!!!


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