ek was 'n pyn in die boud

Now i have this big thing against arrogance, and i guess i am also a walking contradiction from time to time but this is purely just my perception and point of view. Working as a make-up artist and stylist for global companies i have the ‘privilege’ of meeting local and international celebrities. I don’t always know what a celebrity is but that’s what they are called apparently. So here goes my story.

Even if i should know who these identified or unidentified creatures are i will always play it dumb to not know who they are AND NOT, I REPEAT, NOT give them the benefit of the doubt. I realized that the way that i am handling the situation might just be as messed up as those who freak out over them. My outlook is so immature.

I realized in these past couple of weeks that every person on this planet has a story. Sometimes arrogance is a coping mechanism for hurt, insecurity and pain. I got such a tap on my fingers (from myself) in forgetting to treat everyone (even celebrities) with love. I make a point of being friendly to the cleaners, waiter’s ext. but i find it difficult to show the same love to those who love themselves so much. But i realized that if you try to see people through God’s point of view, it totally gives you another side to each and every person. It also allows you to rather have compassion than irritation. And it gives you the opportunity to truly love those whom you would actually have an aversion to.

So this is my experience for the week try to put on another view when looking at humanity (i am so talking to myself here)

Adios amigos


  1. Love it!



  2. I loved this post! I once did a photoshoot after I won a contest and wondered what it would be like to be a makeup artist for famous people and models. I had so many questions to ask! I would love to hear more about how it is like. It's a different world. I like these pictures too! Inspiring <3 I am now following you GFC!

    I would love if you would visit my bloggie. Let me know what you think, follow me back if you like it- and I just got a blog FB page I am so excited about! I hope you can follow it!

    Your sister in Christ!


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