Today i met a real incredible lady, June; she is 84 years old and is my grandmother’s neighbour at the old age home. She has a sort of Respiratory tract infection which basically makes her a prisoner in this tiny room where she sits with a ventilator that she needs to have on 24 hours a day.She cant go anywhere

I remember hearing her speaking and sounding a bit grumpy she made me a bit scared. Then my Gran told us that she actually does not want anything to do with God and considers herself an atheist. Getting to know a bit about her history i can understand why she is a bit cold.

Speaking to my grandmother about June, She told me that she loves flowers. She never gets the chance to go outside so she always just admires the flowers from outside. On Sunday as we came back from our Sunday lunch i decided that i would take her some roses. Being a bit frightened i entered her small but neat room. She sat on a chair with these tubes from out her nose and her skinny fingers trying to make a space for me on a chair. I felt so humbled that she was trying to get me a comfortable place to sit in while she had tubes around her frail face and needed a wheelchair.

I immediately felt such a love for June and knew that our friendship would increase. She looked at the Rose that i picked from the garden and started crying. She told me how she was admiring the roses from where she sat and could not remember anymore what they looked like from close up. I felt like such a brat because i had been feeling sorry for myself this week because i felt that my Jesus was ignoring me. When i sat to speak with June i felt such a love from Christ that i knew He would never leave me.  And for that matter June too. 

This will be my very special new blog entries of a new friendship with June.


  1. awesome photos !

  2. nothing but love

  3. Stunning pictures :O


    Coline !

  4. The story about the roses is so touching! My Grandma is in an old-age home and after meeting so many sad but interesting people I started volunteering there!
    Basically I just spend a few hours accompanying anyone who looks lonely - it's really rewarding :)

    1. that is soooo awesome Crysta! I know what you are saying sometimes its a bit of an eyeopener to appreciate things in your life and to give of yourself to others :)

  5. What a touching story! There is so much to learn from the elderly. Indeed, God is always by our side :)

  6. Love your Blog! Well Done! Alicia x



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