Steadfast; resolute:

I just recently rediscovered the importance of single mindedness. In James 1:8 it says: ‘He is a double-souled man, unstable in all his ways.’ So double-mindedness has the result of unstableness in all our ways. In society it is so easy to get distracted and double minded with so many things going on around us. I can testify of this. When you have quite a good deal of things on your plate it is easy to mentally get distracted to get everything done, and it is almost as if your brain does not enable you to go into relax mode. We kind of create this wrong perception that the world is going to stop if we do not go on. Well guess what, it won’t. In actuality it is mostly the pressure we put on ourselves and takes away single mindedness.

To focus on one thing at a time and do it to your own best ability will enable excellence in the tasks that we do. Whenever we feel like the pressure is getting too much and things are just like this dark hole ‘of things to do’, just stop and in a simple way ask the Lord to make the situations around you ground work to practice single mindedness and focus on one thing. He is faithful to help. I always ‘try’ and remember that if i didn’t have uncomfortable situations in my life I would have no ‘playground’ to practice attributes that the Lord wants to develop in me. It usually sucks and is not the most comfortable places, but i know that the Lord wants us to grow to maturity in Him.
So here’s to one thing at a time. And don’t be scared to say ‘no’ to people (i am talking to myself here)


  1. Very beautiful photos!
    Love very much!
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  2. Thanks Sara xx

  3. Hi nadja,, i am Lintang, your fans from indonesia.
    I love all your photos... it's really really beautiful ! i swear !

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