So last week i was in a pretty serious accident and i am so blessed to be here to tell the story. I have to admit when telling it over i cannot help but laugh. But i also see the hand of the Lord Jesus over me . So here’s the story.

I have always been pretty big on skateboarding and decided to buy a new setup for myself. The day i actually decided to buy one i saw a second hand skateboard at a thrift store with an awesome deck for a fraction of the price of a normal one. So i was uber excited! I rode a few times and was addicted...until last Saturday came. I went down a super steep road and all of a sudden the setup of the skateboard started falling apart.
I hit the ground super hard and almost crushed my face, broke my pelvic bone front and back close to the femur (the strongest bone in the body) read here.I was unconscious for 20minutes and the ambulance came to pick me up. The paramedic staff was sure that i had brain damage due to my head bleeding so much and that i had broken my neck but, luckily thanks to the Lord Jesus it was ok.

So i am not allowed to walk for 6 weeks and can only lie down. I decided i need to stay positive in this time because i actually could  have been in a worst case scenario . Although this is new for me because i cannot (at this stage) do anything for myself. My mom needs to bath me and there is a few things that had taken me out of my comfort zone. But praise the Lord He has a plan for everything.

I will document my everyday through the healing with you all and please keep me in your prayers for fast healing and positive thinking

Much love


  1. thank God that you're "ok", of course its not ok, but i hope finally you will be fine !!:)
    You're such a beatiful girl and i love your outfits.
    p.s. are u catholic ?

  2. you attracted my eye

  3. I like skateboards too but I know I would hurt myself trying to learn. So glad you are ok. Here's hoping for a quick and full recovery! God bless.

  4. i will keep you in my prayers Nadja! be strong and jesus will guide you through your time of pain!

  5. Sjoe Meisie! Ek was besig om uit random blogs uit te hardloop om te google, toe ek onthou Anname het my vertel jy blog, ek het nie verwag om van 'n ongeluk te lees nie! Hoop die herstel tyd vlieg verby, en dat jy manage om besig te bly en geduldig te wees!

    1. Anonymous1:33 AM

      My skat dis soooooo lekker om van jou te hoor jitte!! Ag dankie vir my boodskap! Dit gaan elke dag soveel beter, nuut vir my om afhanklik op mense te wees omdat jy nie kan loop nie maar dit bou n nuwe karakter in mens ;) hoop dit gaan goed met die getroude lewe :) xxx

  6. Get well soon. I broke an ankle while living in Paris, but I can't imagine having to lie down for 6 weeks. The important thing is that you are alive and well.


  7. Hello, I hope you will be okay soon :) Love your photo style and looking forward to seeing new posts from you.

    Check my Blog - !


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