the fall

Hi everyone, I am back in ‘action’ (my version of action which means I can walk , whoo hoo) and miraculously healed thanks to the Lord Jesus. I just quickly want to share a personal testimony during my healing of these past weeks.

As I mentioned in the last post I had been in a pretty serious accident hurting many parts of my body including scaring my face pretty bad. The Lord is so merciful and from the word go, He gave me so much peace about the situation I found myself in. If someone had told me : ‘lady, in a week you are going to fall pretty bad , have a face scarred for weeks and not be able to walk’, I would immediately freak out and be pretty depressed. Well during these 6 weeks of healing I had only maximum two days of ‘downess’ , because of the fact that I felt sorry for myself, which is such a no-no.

Anyway it was a huge honor to go through this and I am thankful for it. I had so much time to be thankful for everyday things that I took for granted. I realized that I (unconsciously) became so caught up in the rat race of live, including work, self-gratification and just a clotted thought pattern in general, that can ruin a human being, especially because society made it ‘ok’ and the norm. Well during this time I know the Lord wrought something in me, and I thank Him for every situation in our lives, positive and negative that allow us to become shaped in a useful vessel for His glory not ours.

The story in Daniel 1-3 stuck so deep in my heart during this time. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were put into the fiery furnance, but found Christ there. Most of the time we cannot avoid bad things that happen… so to speak, Christ allows us to be put into the fiery furnance, but in the blazing flames we meet our Lord and Creator.

Be encouraged that everything works out for good for those who loves the Lord. During the difficult times that comes our way , we are filled with a surpassing peace. 

My friend Amy brought me the coolest movies to watch in this time. I really could relate to the movie 'the Fall' and here is a few stills out of this awesome film. 

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