Herb for Depression

So during the infamous ‘Fall’ I had some time to put my mind to good use it to further another career that I had always been interested in. Herbal medicine. So I decided that I had the backing of my chef education I would specialize in this sub-section that intrigues me at this new section of my life.

So I enrolled in a Centre for Herbal medicine in England and got in… and currently studying the value of Herbal medicine. The only problem is I find myself going to bed way too late because every section of information is so interesting and captivating to me and I get addicted to reading all the amazing information.

So I have really exhausted myself now talking way too much of myself and actually wanted to share that during my new studies, I would love to just share any great information that I am learning. So everything is going to be natural and organic. Not that I have a problem with today’s pharmaceutical medicine, to the contrary I think it is such a main reason for healing some sickness. But maybe with more knowledge in natural remedy we can help prevent sickness before serious medical stages are needed. So here goes.

Interesting new fact today is that unlike orthodox medicines, herbal medicines are used to treat the
whole person. They are therefore synergistically holistic.After taking herbal remedies, a person will have a
greater feeling of personal well-being. 

Ok so first things first I am always a fan of herbal medicine contributing to serotonin going up…up…up so here’s one that’s new  for me because I always knew of St.John’s Wort.

Rhodiola rosea  (feel good herb + energy)
Rhodiola rosea (Crassulaceae) is a perennial plant that grows in cold, alpine regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Its roots contain a sap that has long been used to improve physical and mental endurance, relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress, and even lift mood and alleviate depression symptoms. This is why it is considered to be an adaptogen, a natural substance that helps normalize the body's response to stress, and maintain optimal homeostasis by balancing the immune system and endocrine hormones
Numerous scientific studies, including research conducted and compiled by Dr. Zakir Ramazanov, a former Soviet soldier-turned-doctor, has revealed that rhodiola rosea can be safely used to reduce recovery time after workouts, improve attention span and memory, improve physical fitness and performance, enhance psychomotor function, and alleviate depression and anxiety



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